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Message Board Policy on Spam
Please note that we're checking whether newly registered users are listed in the database (either e-mail address or IP). Users that are listed there are deleted by default. If you are accidentally listed in that database and would like to register as a user on our message board, please e-mail us and we will make sure you get an account here. Actual spam posts and the corresponding users are deleted without warning. Also, spammers registering on our forum who are not yet entered on will be added by us.

Respect the people around you
Be respectful to fellow posters and everyone else. No slashing, trashing or bad-mouthing will be allowed here. There is no need to insult anyone in public, neither people you know in person nor those you don't. If you feel you need to get into verbal fights or need to speak badly of someone, do it off this board in private. If you absolutely must utter criticism, do it constructively and considerately.

Go easy on the emoticons
Emoticons (smileys) can be a great way to express what you're thinking/feeling. But use too many, it can get really annoying (especially if they're animated). Please don't use too many emoticons in your threads. Even if you're laughing out loud, rolling on the floor about something, two or three of them in a row will more than suffice. Emoticons are means to underline someone's emotions (hence the name), but they're not meant to spam the board with little smiley faces.

What to talk about
This is a Chris Marquette board. Thus the subject that we talk about is him and his projects. There is an off-topic area where you can post anything that's on your mind (unless it's disrespectful). We're not limiting the board to any subjects that can be talked about, so feel free to let everyone know the things you want to share. But please pay attention that you post in the right sections. If you have something to say about one of Chris's movies, take it to the "All About Chris" or "Chris On Screen" thread and not the "Joan of Arcadia" one. Of course there might be overlapping here and there (and that's fine), but threads that don't belong will be moved.

Throw away the key
Threads that the moderators think are going nowhere or have been commented on enough will be locked. Meaning that no more replies to this post may be added. If you feel like you absolutely need to reply to a locked post, ask the moderators to unlock it. If a thread has been locked, we kindly ask you not to open another thread with the same subject.

Making yourself look unique
Signatures can be used on this board, and feel free to use one. But, please, we ask you to not make it too big or too flashy. Blinking on-and-off animated banners can be really annoying and those that are too big will have to make you scroll for ages to read the next post. Please think a moment about what you want to say in your signature with as few words/pixels as possible.

We know that in this fast-lived world of e-mailing, text-messaging and IM'ing, acronyms become more and more popular and people seem to care less and less about spelling. However, please consider that we have international visitors here who might not be as familiar with the English language as a native speaker. Not using any punctuation and using only lower case letters and lots of confusing abbreviations might make things hard to read for certain people. Please consider that when you post.

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