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I actually may be able to go to this.  We were planning on going to the Television Without Pity Amazing Race Convention, which will be in NY and should be around that same time.  I'll keep you guys posted.

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Hey guys!  Thanks for all the great comments and reactions!  You guys are just too great.

And, Deb, that was a great rundown of your day.  I was the one who was really nervous, but you made me feel better when you told us how down to earth Chris was and that he'd be really nice.  You were right! 

I was also wondering if you guys knew whether Chris would be doing any more events or appearances for the movie?  If possible, we'd love to see him again.

And thanks for being so welcoming!

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My name is Courtney - I actually found out about this site when Deb handed me a business card at the convention, whilst we were in line for Chris.  (Deb's very cool and nice, btw)

You can actually see my sister in one of her pictures.  She's wearing a red shirt and has a red purse in it. 

Here's a link to my personal detailed summary (lots of Chris goodies) on my LJ:  http://cordy-jay.livejournal.com/

And here are some Chris pics:







There are more pictures at my LJ, so feel free to check it out!  This is a great site!

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