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Boneyard canteen


Another new project for Chris, this time reuniting with Justin Chatwin big_smile

An average guy is seduced by a mysterious girl and finds himself trapped in a nightmarish world, involving drug mules, crime lords, fetish clubs and more.

HERE is an interview with the writer and director of this film David Pope. Here are some things he said about the movie:

"The name of the film comes from a strip club in the movie which the lead character comes from and Canteen refers the way she treats the gangsters she encounters. "You'll have to watch the movie to see how that is – let's just say it doesn't end well for them!"

He added: "Getting a decent cast was a very organic process really. My casting director got the script to a number of agents who then suggested actors and actresses for the parts, who then I would meet and discuss the project and their character

HERE is David Pope's Twitter if you want to follow him.

If there already was a title for this movie on the board then I must need glasses and I apologize big_smile



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