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Infestation Imagination Game

Hey guys, I just had this cool idea. Well, I hope it's cool. We all know Chris is shooting Infestation right now, and that it's a movie about evil alien bugs, invading the earth. Of course we don't know much more about the story yet, but wouldn't it be fun to imagine little snippets of what the movie might be like? So, for those of you who have a vivid imagination and enjoy writing down those fantasy scenarios, why don't we all think up our own little Infestation scenes and share them. Maybe even complete each other's scenes. Let me start, then maybe then you'll have a better understanding of what I mean:

Cooper stepped over an especially obnoxious looking piece of webbing that looked like a half-finished cocoon, careful not to step on it. He knew this stuff stuck to you like bubblegum. Not something he was keen on experiencing again. Looking around, he once again noticed that the ground was littered with remnants of bug-related garbage. "Eurghch," he muttered. "I hate these things."

Just at that moment, he saw movement to his right out of the corner of his eye. He instinctively adopted a fighting stance, looking for something he could use as a weapon. Amazing how your subconscious would adapt to new situations. He could hardly believe his senses were this sharp.

Anyone in?


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Dorquette vom Dienst
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Re: Infestation Imagination Game

Let me think about that. Maybe I'll have an idea. Plus I REALLY wanna see pictures of Cooper. I'm playing with an idea about my laptop ... smile

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Re: Infestation Imagination Game

Not creative enough for this one, unfortunately. Never was much of a storyteller. I do, however, love to read what you all write, so keep it up! smile


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Re: Infestation Imagination Game

I'm hoping something hits me later on.  I'm in Adam & Joan mode right now.

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Re: Infestation Imagination Game

I'll try to think of something. Lets see.......



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