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German part of website closed until further notice

Hey guys,

Most of the non-German speakers might not actually notice, but Deb, Anne and I have decided to close the German part of the website. We're all really busy in our real lives right now and there's just not enough time next to our full-time jobs to run and update the English site and translate most of it into German on top.

We're counting on many German-speaking people interested in Chris knowing enough English to get their information on the English part of the site. Because we're of course not giving the English part up. If anything, now we can concentrate more on it. We'll keep the German part of the message board too, so Germans can still go there and talk in their mother tongue if they so desire.

We might also reopen the German part of the site at some point in the future, should we feel like we can adequately run and update it.


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