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TV Shows That Are Cheesy, But Awesome...

The Forgotten. 

This show made me cry tonight, and it was about a pro football player of all things.  But he was an unknown, working class player.  And that's where the drama came in.

I've seen the first three eps of the show and it's serviceable and entertaining enough, but somewhat undistinguished.  Still, it has no competition in its timeslot.  I fact, Tuesday night is a wilderness for me and network TV.  So what the hell?  In spirit, I think it comes closest to Early Edition, with less whimsy.  But most people will compare it to Cold Case.  It's very earnest.  So far the only thing that's even slightly cheap about it is the sentiment it wears on its sleeve.  ABC is quick to pull the trigger though, so I don't have much hope that it'll last.  Too bad really.  I could get used to this show.

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