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Please read my fanfic: Everything is Connected

It is posted here at fanfiction.net


For those of you who dont have an account read here.

Disclaimer: I do not own Joan of Arcadia. I do however own the lovely young Rove girl though also known as Willow Elizabeth.

Summary: Willow Rove has seen god once in her life, during a near death experience as a child. Now as a teen he has come back and is expecting her to follow in her mothers foot steps. Asking her to complete tasks to stop something terrible from happening. J/A OC/OC NO FLAMING

                Chapter 1: Our Story Begins
    Thirty-four year old Adam Rove sat at the dining room table drinking coffee and watching the news on the small television on the kitchen counter. He hadn't changed much over the years, his hair was still the same dark brown except now he kept it short for the graphic design firm he worked at, to look more professional. His job had also changed his sense of style a lot, well at least during the work week which he had a semi casual look, today consisting of a pair of black slacks and a blue button up. His eyes were set pensively on the news.

" A teenage girl, whose name is being withheld at this moment was sexually assaulted on 500 block of Walnut and Peach in Arcadia Maryland last night. Sources tell us the fifteen year old girl was walking home, and was pulled into the bushes blind folded and assaulted.  Officials ask that anybody walking around at night be accompanied." The blond female news caster reported

  " I am definitely driving Willow to school today." he murmured to himself

He felt  arms wrap around his neck, " I think that sounds like a good idea." the owner of  the arms  whispered in his ear

  Adam turned, and was met by the face of his lovely wife Joan Girardi- Rove. She was still just as radiant. She was dressed for her work as legal secretary, in a gray pencil skirt that hugged the curve of her hips, and a white button up shirt, finished off with a black pair of pumps that made her legs look even longer. She walked around so she was standing in front of Adam and sat on his lap, kissing his lips passionately.

  Adam put his hand one hand on Joan's lower back to support her, and the other on her face, " Morning Jane." he mumbled, against her lips

Joan gave him one last kiss and hopped off his lap and walked over to the counter, " Morning." she replied with a smile.

  " Why, are you over there now, you just left the best seat in the house." he smirked, turning back to his coffee.

Joan put two pieces of bread in the toaster, " Well I have to make Willow breakfast." she told him

" Shes sixteen years old, she can make her own breakfast so come sit back down." he sighed, patting his lap

Joan giggled, as she walked over and placed some cheerios on the table, " If I do that she will be lazy and not eat, besides have all of tonight." she whispered, seductively into his ear

    He smiled and was about to reply but he was interrupted by a loud crash behind him. Adam turned towards the stairs only to be greeted by by his daughter flat on her ass at the bottom of the stairs. Both parents rushed over to help her up. Adam pulled her up and was met by the embarrassed gaze of his daughter. He studied her for a moment, all her beautiful features. She was the perfect mix the two of them. Even though she tried to change it. She had his dark hair, but it was straight like Joan's, she kept it short angled just under her chin with streaks of purple in it. She wasn't tall like her mother , she was on the petite side standing only about 5'4.  She wasn't thin,  she wasn't fat. She was  in the middle, with her mothers curves.   She had his Jane's nose and luscious lips though . His little girl though, had his eyes originally his mothers, but if he did say so himself she pulled them off better. To him she was his finest work of art.
    Truth be told neither Joan or Adam had ever seen themselves having children, let alone together. Especially after the "Bonnie incident." But one night at a graduation party changed all that, a few drinks, a rushed trip to city hall, and ninth months later there she was. Their beautiful daughter, the glue that put them back together again, Willow Elizabeth Rove. Willow after her grandfather because they shared a birthday, and Elizabeth for obvious reasons. She was the light of their lives.

" You alright?" He asked, leading her over to the table

" Yeah I am fine Daddy, you know common occurrence I am a klutz I am used to it." she giggled wiping her bottoms off.

  Joan gave her daughter the up and down, " Sweetie. Everybody knows you're a girl, can't you wear a longer skirt?"

    Willow dressed like a rocker chick. Today she was wearing a short red plaid skirt, and a black Led Zeppelin t-shirt and a wear of low top converses. She always had black make-up caked around her eyes and red lipstick.

Willow rolled her eyes, " I don't even know what to say to that." she shot back, sitting at the table

  " And why do you wear all that crap on your face?" Joan asked, not so subtly

  Willow gave her a withering stare, " Wow, I woke up and walked into the inquisition."

  Adam held back a laugh, " I think, what your mother is trying to say is that you are naturally beautiful and don't need all that make-up." he tried to explain

Joan took a sip of coffee, " Yes, exactly."

Willow poured herself a glass of orange juice, " Was there a compliment in there somewhere, and aren't you two all about freedom of expression?" she questioned, with a smirk

Joan gave her classic eye roll, " I give up, at least listen to me about one thing and eat some breakfast." she moaned, dramatically

  Willow poured herself a bowl of cheerios, " Oh, before I forget can you sign this?" she asked, handing a blue sheet of paper to Adam

" What is it?" Joan inquired, sitting next to Adam and buttering her toast

  Adam read the paper and sighed, " It's a form to get her out of swimming in gym class."  he divulged

" Please sign it, I uhhh....don't want to mess up my hair up." Willow stalled, before shoving some cereal into her mouth

Adam was about to sign the paper, but Joan stopped him, " No, she needs to get over this fear, she needs to learn to swim." Joan declared

" Jane...if she doesn't want to.." Adam started, putting the pen back to the paper

" No, Dad she obviously wants me to drown!" Willow shouted, standing up quickly

Joan's expression turned gentle, and she tucked a piece of hair behind her daughters ear, " Babe, I know you're scared but I don't think you miss out on certain things cause you're scared." she explained

Willow walked across the room and grabbed her purple messenger bag, " I am not scared of anything, but water. Obviously you want me to drown, so if I don't come home later I am at the bottom of the pool. Dad I will be in the car."  she retorted, before exiting the house

  Five minutes later sat in the drivers seat of his truck joining Willow, who just sat there staring at her hands.
   " Your mothers intentions are good." he started " But you I know we can't force you to do something you don't want to, so here." he finished, handing her the blue form

Willow studied the form, and smiled, " You signed it, Daddy thank you!" she exclaimed, throwing her arms around his neck

" No problem, just don't tell your mother." He laughed, before pulling out of the driveway

A/N: I know this seems weird, but the swimming and rapist all come together in the end. So please read and review thanks! No flaming!

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Re: Please read my fanfic: Everything is Connected

Cute story!  Willow is cute, and so funny.  There are a few little typos, here and there.  "Footsteps" is one word, so is "blindfolded" and "newscaster".  You could probably benefit from a good beta reader.  I think probably everybody could. wink  I can't wait to read the next chapter!


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