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Supreme Dorquette
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Re: Chris at the FX Show in Orlando, FL

Great find Brenna!! smile

I met Marilyn Manson/Twiggy Ramirez 10/25/12! & Twiggy 2/9/14
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I met Otep and One Eyed Doll 8/30/12, Kathleen Hanna 10/30/11 Lacuna Coil 4.24 mars 9.27 miw 11.6


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Dorquette vom Dienst
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Re: Chris at the FX Show in Orlando, FL

Thanks for posting the vids, Brenna. It was fun watching it, though I had some problems to understand him (as usual). I just wish he wouldn't mumble so much! roll Or the people would bring better equipment to record him! LOL

I hugged the Seeker!


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