#2 Chris On Screen » Fear, Inc » 05 Aug 15 :: 00:04

According to IMDb, Chris starts shooting a new horror comedy today...


#4 Re: Square Eyes » All Things Michael Welch » 22 Jul 15 :: 23:36

HAHA!  Mike got photobombed by french tips.

#5 Re: Off Topic Stuff » Randomness » 22 Jul 15 :: 23:35

I've heard he's generally very nice to fans.  Good luck!

#7 Re: Introduce Yourself » Hello Again » 27 May 15 :: 23:14

Hey Simon.  What's up.  I was enjoying reading your blog about the movies you were watching, but I kind of lost track of it.  What was the link to that?  I wanna read more.   smile

#8 Re: Introduce Yourself » HI! :D » 31 Mar 15 :: 23:20

It's good to see you.  Glad you're dong OK.  smile

There's about to be a new Chris movie coming out, co-starring Anton Yelchin as his brother, Broken Horses.  We're very excited about it.

#9 Re: Chris On Screen » The Girl Next Door (ADULT LANGUAGE!!!) » 31 Mar 15 :: 23:17

Actually, the billboard she saw was for a movie called Captivity.  And it was Elisha in the movie.  And it did have a disgusting series of posters.  In 2007, torture porn movies were all the rage.  And this one is just trash.  I don't think she was confusing it with GND.


#10 Re: Chris On Screen » The Day The Dead Weren't Dead » 31 Mar 15 :: 23:10

I probably have that somewhere but it may be on my old computer.  I'll see if I can find it.  If I can, I'll post it.  How have you been?

#11 Re: Square Eyes » In Praise of Chris's Colleagues » 27 Mar 15 :: 00:49

OMG!  Ernie Cline must be losing his mind right now!  This is HUGE!  Steven Spielberg will direct the movie adaptation our friend, Fanboy's writer, Ernie Cline's novel ready player One!

Check it out!

http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/s … -fi-784370

#12 Re: Square Eyes » In Praise of Chris's Colleagues » 28 Feb 15 :: 00:47

Mary Steenburgen has joined the HBO show, Togetherness.  Which makes me deliriously happy because I LOVE that show.

#13 Re: Chris On Screen » Chu and Blossom » 26 Feb 15 :: 05:05

Mercedes Ruehl was in tonight's Law& Order:SVU.  She played the DA, Raphael Barba's mom.  The character is of Cuban extraction.  As it turns out, so is Mercedes (on her mom's side), which makes it doubly cool that's she's playing Chris's mom in this movie.  Her dad's family immigrated to New York from Germany.  Neat.  Also, she is fine.  No recent stroke like the Chu character apparently has had.

#14 Re: Square Eyes » Misc Stuff » 24 Feb 15 :: 00:15

I LOVE Boyhood.  Was rooting for it all the way.  I liked Birdman a lot too.  The only awards I really cared about were JK Simmons for Best Supporting Actor for Whiplash, which was my favorite film of the year.  And Patricia Arquette for Best Supporting Actress for Boyhood.  I love her so much.  So happy for her.

#15 Re: Chris On Screen » Chu and Blossom » 22 Feb 15 :: 21:05

Son, no doubt.  The mom is played by the great Mercedes Ruehl.  Haven't seen her in anything for a while.  Last thing I remember was Entourage.  She had a recurring role on there as Vinnie & Johnny Drama's mom.  She was one of my faves back in the 80's & 90's. She was a big deal.  She won an Oscar for the classic Robin Williams/Jeff Bridges flick, The Fisher King.  She also won a Tony for the play, Lost In Yonkers and recreated the role for a film adaptation.  This Chu & Blossom character talks like she's had a stroke or something.  I don't think Mercedes is really impaired in real life.

#16 Re: Chris On Screen » Chu and Blossom » 14 Feb 15 :: 00:45

Pretty sure one of the reviews I saw from one of the festival screenings said it was a small part.

#17 Re: All About Chris » Chris in theatre play "Proof" in Los Angeles » 07 Feb 15 :: 19:44

It's very hard to get now.  No cheap copies on Amazon and a "short wait" on Netflix.  i'm bummed.  I was gonna watch it and imagine Chris as Hal instead of Jake Gyllenhaal.  Oh well.

#18 Re: All About Chris » Chris in theatre play "Proof" in Los Angeles » 07 Feb 15 :: 01:18

And Dan Fogler's mom filled me in on the history of this play.  It sounds amazing.  They made a movie of it as well:


#20 Re: Chris On Screen » Broken Horses » 10 Jan 15 :: 04:47

I watched the little teaser trailer a couple of days ago.  There's not a lot to it, but the movie has a really nice look.

#22 Re: Chris On Screen » Broken Horses » 27 Dec 14 :: 03:50

Looks like it got delayed till April.   mad

#23 Re: The Bullhorn » Merry Christmas! » 23 Dec 14 :: 00:43

Sweet graphic!  Merry merry to you too.   big_smile

#24 Re: All About Chris » Miscellaneous Stuff » 18 Dec 14 :: 00:53

Well, finally, Chris can take his Mima home to visit Cuba.  The US has finally struck a deal to normalize relations. And I can change my sig line because Obama opened Cuba!   big_smile

#25 Re: All About Chris » Photo thread » 31 Oct 14 :: 04:31

Also, DAYUM, he looks fit in that burgundy shirt!   tongue

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