#1 Re: Chris On Screen » 10 Rules for Sleeping Around » 15 Jul 13 :: 08:31

Love the poster! And I agree, it looks like Chris got the best part.

#2 Re: Chris On Screen » Kilimanjaro » 10 Jun 12 :: 06:46

Love the photo, looking sharp! & yay for new movie with substantial role!

#3 Re: Chris On Screen » Criminal Minds » 27 Jan 11 :: 04:53

Oooh love that idea. Now it just needs to actually happen...damn reality.

#4 Re: Chris On Screen » The Invisible » 27 Jan 11 :: 04:52

Lol, thanks, I'm just to to step back and not try to understand any of this movie. haha.

#5 Re: Chris On Screen » Criminal Minds » 27 Jan 11 :: 01:33

Yeah actually I was just thinking about what role he could play and  whether I could stomach him being one of Dexter's kills. Lol, I think I'd prefer not... love the idea of him being a bad guy like in this ep of CM, I really enjoyed that performance of his, I just wish it was on a better show, hence my daydreaming about Dexter. Hmm, a bad guy that's not bad enough to warrant being Dexter's prey would prob be ideal. But then, I'd be over the moon if he had any part in Dexter, bad guy or not.

#6 Re: Square Eyes » Oscars 2011 » 26 Jan 11 :: 04:15

Lol, apparently I am about ten years old because the only movies I've seen of any movies anywhere in the nominations are Toy Story 3, How to Train your Dragon and Tangled. Though I think I get an excuse for Toy Story 3 since the first two movies were a part of my childhood.

#7 Re: Chris On Screen » The Invisible » 26 Jan 11 :: 04:06

this movie played on tv here Sun night, and although I actually am not fond of this movie at all, I had it on in the background so a could catch certain scenes, for obvious reasons.

I do have a question though re: the plot. I'm not a big "movie" person, as in, I don't actually watch nearly as many as the average person (in the Western world anyway) seems to, so I'm a bit thick sometimes with understanding the subtleties of movies. But what is the deal with Nick and birds? I get the dying bird in some sort of limbo same as him... what I don't get is why he was able to shephard the pigeons in front of the detectives car to get her attention called to Pete biking off??

#8 Re: Chris On Screen » Criminal Minds » 26 Jan 11 :: 04:01

Mmm, I wouldn't either, but then it does have a certain of the detective elements, it's an entirely different take on the cop show idea though. I love it, and there's some stellar acting on that show, would loooove for Chris to guest in Dexter.

#9 Re: Chris On Screen » Criminal Minds » 25 Jan 11 :: 22:57

Yeah, can't say I watch these cop/detective like shows, they're just not my thing. I think the only show I watch that centres around cops is Dexter and that's completely different and just plain amazing.

#10 Re: Chris On Screen » Criminal Minds » 25 Jan 11 :: 07:05

TheCentralScrutinizer wrote:

Heh, nah.  Not when they're that cute and the cops on the show are that lame.  lol

Haha good, glad I'm not the only one who thought so. Not that I've watched this show much before to judge.

#11 Re: Chris On Screen » Criminal Minds » 24 Jan 11 :: 10:46

Just watched the episode, reallly enjoyed the Chris scenes. Michael was good too but he really creeped me out, obviously showing good acting but less plesurable to watch than Chris. Even though Chris' character, I guess, was the creepier of the two, his character acted less like a dick. lol.

Chris loooked very good, just going over your screencaps to enjoy him again, haha. But yea, acting wise I thought it was really good, he played the sutbleties very well.

Is it wrong that I was completely rooting for the bad guys?

#12 Re: Chris On Screen » Fanboys » 21 Jan 11 :: 07:38

You know I was totally believing them that Star Wars was the work of evil demons distracting me, but then they misspelled Yoda.

#13 Re: Chris On Screen » Dear Roommate » 17 Jan 11 :: 05:45

I agree about the Adam thing, I thought it was almost Adam-y but yet not quite lol. I must say was quite enjoying the clean shaven ness. And the chest hair too smile

Also love the way he leans and knocks on the doorframe in the last kitchen scene.

Oh all in all this is very nice. lol.

#14 Re: Chris On Screen » Dear Roommate » 17 Jan 11 :: 05:14

I haven't decided whether I like his hair that length with the floppy bits or slightly shorter. He's incredibly cute in that short, (and quite hot esp in some parts). But I keep thinking about the hair, haha, I'm sure you guys understand the attention that must be paid to his hair style.

#15 Re: Chris On Screen » Dear Roommate » 17 Jan 11 :: 00:40

Loved it. Very cute, 'specially the ending.

Also, loved the "f you" line by Chris' character, very nice. Lol. 

Spend half of Ari Graynor's scenes trying to figure out where I knew her from, and according to IMDB it's one episode of Veronica Mars. It's amazing how much you'll remember actors even just after seeing them guest in an ep of one show!

#16 Re: Chris On Screen » Criminal Minds » 17 Jan 11 :: 00:15

Nope, but I just got the link from the other thread and am loading it up now smile

#17 Re: All About Chris » Photo thread » 16 Jan 11 :: 07:11

That is one nice calender! I'm thinking it's definitely desktop pic worthy!

#18 Re: Chris On Screen » Criminal Minds » 16 Jan 11 :: 07:06

Those are some delectable piccys of Chris.

Saw an ad for Criminal minds on tv and thankfully it had Michael Welch in it which jolted my memory about this whole ep. I just checked online and looks like we get to see it Monday week! Very muchly looking forward to it if this thread is anything to judge by. I think it's been too long since I've gotten to enjoy some Chris (the occassional JoA rewatch excepted).:)

#19 Re: Chris On Screen » Thule - New Short Film » 23 Nov 10 :: 08:23

Oh okay, that was my fear. Haha, I'll join in and hope for youtube then.

Meantime at least we get the pics.

#20 Re: Chris On Screen » Thule - New Short Film » 22 Nov 10 :: 06:16

I'm loving the look of this, there's some really nice pics in this thread.

Is there any knowledge of what kind of release this will get?

#21 Re: Chris On Screen » The Double » 04 Jul 10 :: 12:01

I have a soft spot for Topher Grace so should definitely enjoy this movie for the actors if nothing else. Hopefully we find out more about his role soon.

#22 Re: Chris On Screen » "NO BIG DEAL" trailer..... » 04 Jul 10 :: 11:53

that looked like it had potential to be a pretty cool little show. What a bugger it didn't make it, besides the fact that it would have been awesome to get regular Chris, it actually looked good.

Would be very keen to see him on a tv show as main cast again.

#23 Re: Chris On Screen » The Girl Next Door (ADULT LANGUAGE!!!) » 25 Jan 10 :: 10:00

you know it is one episode that guareentees giving you a good cry, and sometimes it feels satisfying to let out a good cry.

#24 Re: Chris On Screen » Fanboys » 25 Jan 10 :: 09:56

EOcean214 wrote:

I agree with everything you sayd Susanna! It was a nice little movie and had some fun characters and I felt like Chris's character grounded everyone.  It was a good cast mix.

Definitely agree, I think without Chris' character just the combination of the characters involved would have made the quest perhaps a bit obnoxious. That might be a bit strong, but in any case, I think it made the characters a little easier to care for and invest in. I mean the quest was rather unbelievable, but it didn't need to be believable for the type of movie that it is, however I do think it would have lost a lot of depth if it weren't for Chris' character being cancer stricken. To be honest, I wasn't all that invested in the other characters, but then it wasn't exactly like they were developed very much at all, which isn't necessary a bad thing, it's just that the movie wasn't character driven so much.

#25 Re: Chris On Screen » Fanboys » 25 Jan 10 :: 05:30

I watched it yesterday! My verdict: it's pretty cool for what it is. Definitely an enjoyable movie to watch, Chris was, as always very good, I do seem to be continually impressed with him as an actor even though I always go in expecting him to be good.

It had some good jokes in it, definitely worth rewatching from time to time. I imagine I'll buy it on dvd at some point, but hopefully once it's been out a while and a bit cheaper.

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