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Happy birthday TJ! big_smile

belated congrats to Anne! smile

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I finally saw the movie and I must say Chris was my favorite part of it big_smile the story was very interesting and capturing but Chris totally stole the screen when he was on and he had way more screen time than I expected him to have big_smile love it! tongue his character was a real badass too! big_smile

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IMDB has a new project for Chris! big_smile

A mild-mannered deli clerk finally gets a second chance to pursue his high school sweetheart, a notorious female professional wrestler, when she returns for their ten-year reunion.

His character has a last name so it must be a big deal. Might I be hopeful that it's actually a romantic lead??!! big_smile

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oh shame on us all who forgot to come post happy birthday notes for Chris this year! this must be a first...

#5 Re: Chris On Screen » Broken Horses » 23 Sep 15 :: 02:36

Has anyone seen it yet? I just finished watching. It felt a little stiff in the beginning. Chris was definitely better at playing Buddy than the guy playing the younger version. Once it got past that, there were a few too obvious or ridiculous dialogues and scenes, but it got really good towards the end. The ending was amazing smile

#6 Chris On Screen » Boneyard canteen » 06 Sep 15 :: 16:01

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Another new project for Chris, this time reuniting with Justin Chatwin big_smile

An average guy is seduced by a mysterious girl and finds himself trapped in a nightmarish world, involving drug mules, crime lords, fetish clubs and more.

HERE is an interview with the writer and director of this film David Pope. Here are some things he said about the movie:

"The name of the film comes from a strip club in the movie which the lead character comes from and Canteen refers the way she treats the gangsters she encounters. "You'll have to watch the movie to see how that is – let's just say it doesn't end well for them!"

He added: "Getting a decent cast was a very organic process really. My casting director got the script to a number of agents who then suggested actors and actresses for the parts, who then I would meet and discuss the project and their character

HERE is David Pope's Twitter if you want to follow him.

If there already was a title for this movie on the board then I must need glasses and I apologize big_smile

#7 Re: Chris On Screen » Fear, Inc » 09 Aug 15 :: 16:02

Apparently it's based on a short movie made by the same writer and director. The Short movie has an official webpage here. They ask you questions and build a scare for you based on those questions. Then there's a link to the short film on youtube here.

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Has anyone ever read a book series called Significance? Apparently it's being made into a TV show and Mikey is playing a guy name Marcus. The hook on the story seems to be that meeting your soulmate makes you develop supernatural powers. Seems like another young adult book. I'm getting kind of sick of them. I hope this series turns out well and gets a good few seasons for Mikey's sake.

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She seems like a very special lady. Congrats to them both! big_smile

#10 Re: Square Eyes » All Things Michael Welch » 12 Jul 15 :: 19:54

Guys, Mikey got engaged! big_smile

He proposed to her during this Thirst gala for his charity. If you just want the proposal, watch from 4:28:00 big_smile


Later he tweeted:

Listen guys, Im gonna try real hard not to be an obnoxious engaged person, but I really love this girl, so indulge me


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I found the script online if anyone is interested big_smile I was just looking for a site where I could check out movie scripts and it was on the main page.


#12 Re: Square Eyes » In Praise of Chris's Colleagues » 04 Jun 15 :: 10:16

Paul Dano has this new movie coming out where he shares the lead with John Cusack. I can't wait to see this one. I'm a Paul Dano fan too and always loved John Cusack. I know very little about the band this movie is about so if this movie sucks, I'm very misinformed on them big_smile

Paul Dano Interview

#14 Re: Introduce Yourself » Hello Again » 26 May 15 :: 21:20

Welcome back Simon big_smile I know I can't be the only one missing your input in some of the threads. Right girls? big_smile

May I suggest, Simon, that if you've got any of your film school projects online somewhere, you should link them here smile

#15 Re: Chris On Screen » Broken Horses » 01 May 15 :: 00:55


I can't wait for this movie! Looking so good and getting so many praises! smile I love these two guys so much I've reserved a whole shelve just for their movies. big_smile

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I watched Fanboys with my sons today and I really loved seeing Chris at his cutest again smile My sons were a bit bored with the movie at times but they did like some bits. They are Star wars fans but don't really remember all the lines well enough to get all the references in the movie and then there were the jokes that were really better for more mature audience. I might regret showing the movie for them at this point. Mainly I'm worried that they'll start doing the pressed ham thing. It's just the kind of goofing off they like to do and everyone else is like "ew, you people are gross"  roll

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I  just finished this flick and I liked it a lot despite having read some negative comments on it. What's with all the Channing Tatum hate on this one? Seriously. It's like every other thing I read about this someone is saying they hate Tatum on this. I didn't like his really fake looking facial hair but other than that it was a fascinating character. The movie it self had a good story and the makers clearly dared to be original and dream big. I'm sure if this had been made couple of decades ago it would have gotten the same awe as Star wars and few other cult classics. Special effects were great. I loved the anti-gravity shoes and the air skating. way cool big_smile

I don't want to give away any spoilers so I won't post much more about. Just that I liked it a lot and I'm probably going to get the DVD because I know my kids will love it smile

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Kyle Newman visited NERD MACHINE PODCAST a while ago and he also talked a bit about Fanboys. Turns out Zac Levi auditioned for the movie. I wonder which role big_smile

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certainly looks interesting smile I'm waiting for this so much. I love Chris and Anton.

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I love the videos on AJ's bachelor party big_smile

#24 Re: All About Chris » Miscellaneous Stuff » 24 Dec 14 :: 00:56

yay!give us that documentary movie about the Marquette boys searching for their roots!

#25 Re: The Bullhorn » Merry Christmas! » 24 Dec 14 :: 00:55

Since I have this one song stuck in my head... Feliz Navidad! big_smile

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