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Hey all, I havent been on in 4ever which sux, but I'm at a new location, new school so I'm still adjusting! But just wanted to say I'm still a huge Chris fan, of course! Unfortunately i didn't get to write him a letter, hopefully next year I'll budget my time more!

Anyways if he sees this eventually just wanted to say Chris you r amazing! Keep up the great work! Love Ya :applause::youdaman:

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Best Craven movie by far!!! I loved it... Spencer Treat Clark reminded me so much of Chris!!!!

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Finished, it was amazing Ryan Hunter was perfectly cast IMO he was hot, alluring, and dangerous!

I Love that screen cap! It's artistic and sweet.

I loved the special features i want more!!!! 

Chris' interview was really good and I'm so happy they put it on the dvd.

Amber is an amazing singer, actress, performer she's multi-talented.

Michael Welch is down right hilarious! The way he described Joan & Adam in the camper and the way he said he's living vicariously through Luke:lol:

The table read was awesome I felt like I was there lol, I wish they would have filmed more table reads, i found them really interesting the looks they give eahc other and the little stuff they do.

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Despite the ending AWESOME HILARIOUS movie, one of Chris' best comedic/action performances IMO.

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Yea ur right Deb!

Didn't that moment remind everyone of Adam?

Ray Wise is hilarious! I'll taze his ass and he did.

& then the dog Lucy turned into that hybrid thing haha

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My bad they return to Bon Temps the 23rd, I misread the tv guide.

#11 Re: Joan of Arcadia » The Peril of Adam Rove » 09 Aug 09 :: 02:51

I still have 2 episodes left and then I'll be ready!

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Ohh ok so b/c of the repsonses to T&E did the writers regret it and apologize to the actors after they protested and were right?

#14 Re: All About Chris » Escaping into dreamland » 08 Aug 09 :: 03:42

Yea it was, I wasn't sure where to post it....

Any clues as to what it means?

#15 Re: Square Eyes » True Blood » 08 Aug 09 :: 03:39

Yea that's what the tv guide says.

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Ok so my question is when did they plan to have Adam cheat? Do they write out all of the epiosdes b4 they film season 2, if that is true then I believe they were foreshadowing and they planned all along to have Joan and Adam break up, I do think they made changes to Trial & Error right b4 the cast got their scripts and made him have sex with Bonnie a couple of times to just make it more tragic and shocking.

Yea I agree about the whole camper scene... just gross.
When Adam comforted Joan it was the real Adam.

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I think we will see A LOT of Godric, i hope so.

Yea, I don't think there will be any progress with Maryanne and Eggs until later, but by the end of the episode everyone goes back to Bon Temp, which means the end of Steve & Sarah.

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Ok so what was your reaction to Adam after Indep. Day? I had never seen that side to him, demanding, crude, impatient... roaring and ready to go.

Also, what a/b him lying to her about Rhode island and wanting to be by himself?

I think he liked Bonnie, they had art in common, if anything they would have been friends, like Iris.

O ok I didn't know that about Ryan and yea I believe Joan would sacrifice her own life to save Adam.

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This dream is really more Joan of Arcadia

So it's Joan, Adam, and me.. I'm freaking out and Joan is trying to calm me down(I keep telling her I'm going to die)... we go to this psychic who has me draw cards which I do and they say Friday the 13th I'll die, which confirmed my freaking out. Very weird, so we are running around the school trying to prevent my death, I'm crying and screaming why am I going to die, how am I going to die??? Everyone just kinda looks at me funny and goes about their day, we end up in this empty classrrom with a very strange teacher, a science teacher I believe, he was talking to us and then I woke up.:o

Holy nut job weird dream right?  I felt like Judith, I was her in a sense, Adam was kinda just following Joan who was trying desperately to help me. I just remember being terrified and confused and having Joan there made it a little easier.

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Maybe they will make stills available soon.

True... but then why is Eggs with her? She can control whomever she wants so why did she make Eggs do it?
Yea I expected them to keep her around, why kill her off so soon?

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So I finally finished up till Spring Cleaning and I saw the notorious Trial & Error... however I do believe it was in some way foreshadowed, just not to the extent of what actually went down.

This is my take/theory on him... I believe it started back during Independence Day... he was pushing and pressuring her... and saying we've been going out forever and this is the next step...(WHAT!) and when she said no he pouted like a little baby... that is not the Adam I know, love, and trust.

In Shadows & Light he lied to her and turned down the offer to spend time with her... he had officially changed.

In Secret Service he met Bonnie(Alexis did great..IMO) they bonded over their artistic abilities and one thing lead to another and in Trial & Error they did the deed, but more than once!!!

My thinking was that he made one mistake and it was just a lapse of judement, but it was a continous thing... I was shocked to learn that they had been hooking up a couple of times... I kinda felt for Bonnie, she was just lonely and longed for someone to be with and to understand her... I think she thought he would break up with Joan and be with her, so she's not completely at fault, as much as Adam is.

What made me even more livid was that he couldn't man up and tell her... Joan found out through the mock trial and I was impressed with how she handled it in the court room, but afterwards after she found out the extent of the damage that he caused I was hoping she would slap him or push him or something!

In Spring Cleaning he was hurt, I understand that,. but he was rude and pouting and not handling it well at all... if he wanted to ever be close with her again he should have been nice and given her space.... instead he was bitter and cold.

What they shared and had was undeniable love for each other, sure they had some bumps along the way but only one thing could end what they had and Adam did that. Since Joan is a forgiving person and selfless I think she will forgive him and they will be friends, but I'm not sure if they would get back together... trust is something that takes a long time to build up and one minimal thing can just destroy all of that...

SO in conlusion of my rant I think Chris did a magnificent job even though he was totally disgusted with what they did to Adam, the writers really butchered his character. I still love Adam Rove, but only prior to Indep. Day, after that I fell out of love with him, just as Joan did.

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Ya Godric is super Hot! I liked everything! It ended way too soon, once again.

I was surprised that Eggs killed Daphne.. so since he's so big and bad I guess he takes care of the handy work for her. Yea I agree, so much happened I need to watch it again.

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O ok.. your going to love it!

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Yay, I love shark week!

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