#1 Re: Square Eyes » Favorite Movie Quotes... » 26 Oct 09 :: 23:05

i love movie quotes, i hope you guys write some more.

here are some of my favorites.

hottest state - Jesse: [to William in the restaurant] A lot of bad shit is gonna happen to you. People are not gonna love you back, and if you're serious about becoming an artist, that's the first thing you should learn. And, listen, you're gonna die, okay? Relatively soon, okay? So, that being said, you have nothing to worry about.

playing by heart - i think i can quote almost all this movie by heart 
Keenan: My mind has an endless capacity for useless information.

and from my very beloved tv series:
Every one of our parents does some considerable emotional damage; and from what I've heard, it just might be the best part of being a parent.
Go ahead and replace the captain of your brainship, because he's drunk at the wheel!
This is the reason why your headache didn't go away: That's actually pronounced analgesic, not anal-gesic. Sir, the pills go in your mouth
the wonder years
Growing up happens in a heartbeat. One day you're in diapers, next you're gone. But the memories of childhood stay with you for the long haul.
I remember a place...a town, a house like a lot of other houses....a yard like a lot of other yards...a street like a lot of other streets. And the thing is....after all these years, I still look back...with wonder. 

i can go on and on but i'll stop for now big_smile

#2 Re: Off Topic Stuff » I hate people that claim they like the heat » 10 Aug 09 :: 16:56

well, i can understand hating the heat but hating the people that say they like the heat is a little to much tongue
now i am afraid to say it but i love the heat to. not abnormal heat but 28-29 degrees Celsius i like. i also don't have AC in my house nor at the place where i work. i have AC in my car but i generally prefer to open the window.
i love summer. and the reason i go to the beach is not to get rid of the heat but because i love the sand and to swim in the sea and i obviously need warm weather to do that.
i always get a little bit sad when autumn comes.
somehow summer for me, maybe because i lived until a year ago by the seaside, is a magical time that gives me the sense that anything can happen. and if i thionk about it most of my best memories are summer related.

#3 Re: Off Topic Stuff » "other" boards » 29 Jul 09 :: 23:30

therealshell, i get what you mean now. i thought you meant the the show was made after somebody's biography.
yes, the characters in " once and again " do act like a lot of people i know too.

deb, that is just insane. your email address and your photos??? wow, some people really need to get a life.

#4 Re: Square Eyes » Let The Right One In » 29 Jul 09 :: 23:00

hmmm, weird. i mean i saw one with subtitles so maybe the people who did them translated wrong. but as far as i understant eli was a man and other vampires cut of his genitalia. i think i would really like to read the actual book rather then just fragments from the net, maybe i could really understand better.

#5 Re: Off Topic Stuff » "other" boards » 29 Jul 09 :: 22:55

TheCentralScrutinizer wrote:

Oh, you just graduated from Cute Lil' Horndog and for our handful of guy members, that means a sex change.  LOL!  But I can fix it...

ok, this made me laugh so hard :rofl:

i don't get stalkers in general but internet once i find even weirder. deb, but how come your stalker got your personal info???
that's scary.

on the subject of " once and again ", i loved it. i was so sad when it ended. but excuse my ignorance but what do you mean by this " shows about actual, recognizable people". what people????

#6 Re: Square Eyes » Let The Right One In » 29 Jul 09 :: 16:11

i saw this one after several of my friends told me about it. i must say i was not very impressed. i found out after that it is made after a book so i googled a bit and i realized that many details that were important to understanding the story.were left out in the movie. like the fact that eli was a boy.
and also i was not a fan of the acting.
i am still in wonder as to why this movie got so much hype.

#7 Re: Off Topic Stuff » "... like without too much singing." ::: Our Music Thread » 29 Jul 09 :: 02:37

deb, i totally agree about the nin video. i heard the song before i saw the vid and i really find the song hot.
i will try to find songs by Powderfinger . maybe i know them i don't know i do.

#9 Re: Square Eyes » Harry Potter (contains some spoilers for Book 7!) » 29 Jul 09 :: 00:45

i can't wait for Wednesday. i can finally go and see the latest harry potter movie. i missed having some harry potter in my life !

#11 Re: Off Topic Stuff » "... like without too much singing." ::: Our Music Thread » 29 Jul 09 :: 00:33

warbe, i really like that list. i am not a fan of making " top 100 something ". i believe there no such thing as the best when it comes to art dince it has to do so much with how it is perceived by every individual. but i like the list and i would like to listen to anything that is on that. and also i am so happy to see nine inch nails- closer, since i only discovered it recently and developed a fixation with that song.

#12 Re: Off Topic Stuff » "... like without too much singing." ::: Our Music Thread » 31 May 09 :: 00:45

oh well, adam lambert, did not win american idol. but somehow i am not as upset as i thought i would be because i truly believe it makes no difference for his future as a musician. i am really curious to see what kind of music he will be doing.

#13 Re: Chris On Screen » The Education Of Charlie Banks » 10 May 09 :: 03:57

ok, so i just watched it. my opinion is that chris is the best thing about this movie.
i mean the movie is not bad, don't get me wrong. the idea is good but is somehow not really taken anywhere. it's all a little to obvious.
jason ritter is good and i really belived him in this role. jesse eisenberg ( i hope i got the name right ) did not convince me that much. he suppose to be dorky, yet endearing but somehow it just all looked to me somehow clumsy and overacted.
but chris is so good.and i am not just saying this because i'm on a chris forum tongue the first part with him as a kid is a little funny. but from then on he just is so real. it's not the most challenging role in the world but it is very well done.

#14 Re: Off Topic Stuff » "... like without too much singing." ::: Our Music Thread » 06 May 09 :: 04:34

ok, so i must be loosing it because i stayed up until now. it's 5.30 in romania. i wanted to see adam's performance tonight. he is my favorite and a close second is allison iraheta. and they both sang great tonight and they also had a duet together . awesome. but i have to wake up in like 2 hours to go to work. roll

#15 Re: Off Topic Stuff » "... like without too much singing." ::: Our Music Thread » 06 May 09 :: 02:11

i really like your answer deb, i didn't really think about it like that. i want him to win anyway but i see your point about the importance of that.
and thanks for answering and not thinking my post was way silly.

#16 Re: Off Topic Stuff » "... like without too much singing." ::: Our Music Thread » 06 May 09 :: 01:50

i don't get all the thing about him being gay or not , i am more excited about him being really talented and exciting.
try listening to some of the songs he did on idol. they had a michael jackson week and he did black and white. i like o lot of mj songs but i always thought b&w to be really silly but adam sang it in such a way that it really got me to like it.  and he also did " satisfaction "  - let me tell you i still have dirty dreams about that performance. anyway, he did not have one bad song. i can't watch american idol in romania but i can watch the performances on the site i posted the link in the post above.

and i also would like to rumble on about something. here in romania being gay is still not accepted. i actually don't know anyone who is out except a guy on tv.
and i happen to like a lot of talented people who happen to be gay. i like adam now a lot. but i also am a figure skating fan and i like johnny weir a lot ( he is also american , maybe you know him ). i loved "queer as folk " - the american version.
and i had lots of my friends asking - yeah, you like that guy but you do know he's gay right? and they mean it like what's the point in liking a guy who is not into women. and i really don't get that. like if they were not gay they would have come all the to romania, make me get a divorce and sweep me of my feet??? :doh: i always find this question so weird. because nobody asks me what's the point of liking brad pitt? - yes, he's not gay but i am pretty sure even if he is into women he is not gonna come knocking on my door. and why is it that if a like the way a guy sings or the way he figure skates , i also have to have like another reason to like them? why is it that lots of people can't believe i like a guy just because he's talented.

ok, no need to say anything, just that this bothers me a lot and felt like saying it somewhere.
this post looks a little insane. sorry.:embarrassed:

#17 Re: Introduce Yourself » Our little questionnaire ::: Come on in and answer it » 05 May 09 :: 23:02

wellcome kate !!!! and it's so true. this site is so nice. and the moderators are such lovely people who definitely help you anyway they can.

#18 Re: Off Topic Stuff » "... like without too much singing." ::: Our Music Thread » 05 May 09 :: 22:57

is anybody here watching american idol?
we don't get it here in romania. but a friend of mine told me she listened to a guy from this competition and really like him. and she gave me the vid. and from that moment on i was hooked. i am now watching it online just to watch this guy. he's name is adam lambert.
here he is
http://www.thebestarts.com/AdamLambert/ … fault.aspx

#19 Re: Chris On Screen » The Education Of Charlie Banks » 05 May 09 :: 22:35

i am totally hoping to see the movie soon since i see it out now on dvd. i think the subject of the movie is really interesting so i hope i won't be disappointed.

#20 Re: Joan of Arcadia » Random JoA Stuff... » 29 Apr 09 :: 23:18

if my insane marathon will extend to next week maybe i will bring myself to watch it. starting tomorrow afternoon i am on brake ( in Romania 1st of may is hollyday ) so i go home to my husband. and he has his limits - i am making him watch Adam Lambert from American idol, i make him watch figure skating and i just spent about 1.500 us dollars to go to 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver so to make him watch a joa marathon on our hollyday will probably be too much tongue  plus, even if i will argue that i like the idea of the show and the acting , the cute guy will stand out anyway big_smile

#21 Re: Joan of Arcadia » Random JoA Stuff... » 29 Apr 09 :: 22:56

i know you guys told me that already some time ago but somehow the fact that i knew what was going to be stopped me. now i wish i didn't know and just watched it.
of course i could stop when i said i will stop. now i am at ep 14.

#22 Re: Joan of Arcadia » Random JoA Stuff... » 29 Apr 09 :: 22:38

how many times can i laugh at something i already know it's going to be said??? but " there is a list a mile long of women that wouldn't mind having kevin girardi between the sheets " and then all the family in the door and joan going i need a beverage just makes me laugh so hard every time. lol

i wonder why did the writers cut off kevin's romance with rebeca? i mean i know what happen in joa that he cheats on her. but i thought that was weird. was there something else behind this, like maybe the actress didn't want to be on the show anymore?

as i watch season one i wonder how could the people that wrote this decide that making adam cheat on joan was a good idea? and just so you know to this day i still didn't watch " that " episode. yes, i am a coward, no need to tell me that.

#23 Re: Joan of Arcadia » Random JoA Stuff... » 29 Apr 09 :: 22:14

i decided to watch until joan and adam first kiss :embarrassed: it's almost midnight here i have done anything all day.

#24 Re: Joan of Arcadia » Random JoA Stuff... » 29 Apr 09 :: 21:46

i have been on a joa marathon today . i am at ep 12 from season 1. i really have some stuff to do for work that is due on friday and i can't stop watching now. heeeeeelp!!!!!

#25 Re: Joan of Arcadia » Random JoA Stuff... » 07 Apr 09 :: 01:09

i felt like saying it and i hope this is the right thread. i feel very joa deprived. since i moved away from home i left my whole cd/dvd collection at home. and now i wonder what the hell was i thinking. i sort of know what i was thinking. my mom bought a dvd-player and i thought i would be nice and leave her with something to watch. yes, like she would ever watch joa or most of my movies.
i must make a trip home soon and recover my stuff roll

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