#2 Re: All About Chris » Chris at the FX Show in Orlando, FL » 28 Jan 07 :: 19:02

wow this is so exciting lol
Now i can sleep easy knowing that this was a sucess

#3 Re: Chris On Screen » Alpha Dog (STRONG LANGUAGE & ADULT CONTENT) » 28 Jan 07 :: 18:55

haha that is funny about the licence but maybe its supposed to be like he just grew out his hair
cuz in my moms she is blonde but she recently died her hair brown so it looks sorta different

#4 Re: Chris On Screen » Calvin Marshall - CHRIS IS NO LONGER INVOLVED » 27 Jan 07 :: 04:54

haha another movie my brothers will go see with me
they like baseball movies ( they loved benchwarmers)

#5 Re: Chris On Screen » Thru The Moebius Strip » 27 Jan 07 :: 04:50

I'm kinda hoping they will save em and release em all at once so i can throw a chris Party cool

#6 Re: Chris On Screen » The Tic Code » 27 Jan 07 :: 00:41

I love this movie it is so great lol
There isn't really much to say on the topic other than awesome!!!!

#7 Re: Chris On Screen » Rock with Barney » 27 Jan 07 :: 00:38

Man i was a barney fanatic growing up
if he had gotten it that would have like killed barney for me forever sad

#8 Re: Chris On Screen » Judging Amy » 27 Jan 07 :: 00:36

Well nobody cried in either of those so i didn't cry from being sad but i might have cried from laughing so hard lol

#9 Re: Chris On Screen » Thru The Moebius Strip » 27 Jan 07 :: 00:34

i want to see this movie soo bad cuz it has double the fun for me (voice wise of course)
it has chris(yay) and then my first ever celeb crush from when i was like 5 years old Jonathan Taylor Thomas (sighhh)

#10 Re: Chris On Screen » Huff » 27 Jan 07 :: 00:32

haha i love curly hair
except in the old pics of my stepdad from like the 70s and his amzing puffy curly jew fro- that is not cool

#11 Re: Chris On Screen » Just Friends » 27 Jan 07 :: 00:29

haha i think i ended up seeing it because of chris but i just ended up loving it
wow that happens to me alot

#12 Re: Chris On Screen » Judging Amy » 27 Jan 07 :: 00:28

well if anyone cries i cry (just a weird habbit so i end up crying during the majority of his roles) haha  sad lol

#13 Re: Chris On Screen » Choose Connor (a.k.a. The Politician) » 27 Jan 07 :: 00:27

yeah but it might come out and be huge due to alex linz's following from Max Keeble's big move which is played constanly on the disney channel

#14 Re: Chris On Screen » Kyle Newman's Revenge of the Nerds (Remake) - CANCELED » 27 Jan 07 :: 00:25

when i watch my tv and do something on the computer at the same time i usually can focus on both but alot of times i will mis like big chunks of whatever is on the tv roll

#15 Re: Chris On Screen » Freddy vs. Jason (alternative title: Crap On A Stick) » 27 Jan 07 :: 00:18

I love horror movies so of coure i watched this Freddy would seriously be my idol lol if i ever decided to become i killer ( which i will not do) but i think all those movies are uber cool cool

#16 Re: Chris On Screen » Graduation » 27 Jan 07 :: 00:10

We just gotta keep that hope alive
Everything will be OK big_smile

#17 Re: Chris On Screen » My Tutor (remake) - CANCELED » 27 Jan 07 :: 00:09

awwwww that stinks
i could never pass French..That's why i take spanish
alhthough if the atractive tutor was a male maybe i should pick up french
??Au Reviour??

#18 Re: Chris On Screen » The Education Of Charlie Banks » 27 Jan 07 :: 00:06

haha 70s clothes are cool cool
I mean i wouldn't be the one wearing them but they can be cool ya know
About that train thing i live like 15 minutes away from stanford that coulda been me ( although why i would be on a train i have no idea)

#19 Re: Chris On Screen » Choose Connor (a.k.a. The Politician) » 26 Jan 07 :: 23:58

so do you know anything about chris's character in the movie or anything like that because it actually looks like a cool movie

#20 Re: Chris On Screen » Judging Amy » 26 Jan 07 :: 23:55

I really love this performance big_smile
I think what sucks is most people who aren't fans only really know him for comedy lol but he is a really great dramatic actor as well sad

#21 Re: Chris On Screen » Miscellaneous Stuff » 26 Jan 07 :: 23:44

wow if he had been playing that role it would have suuuuuuuucked to have that happen yikes

#22 Re: Chris On Screen » Just Friends » 26 Jan 07 :: 23:40

I really love this movie i think just because there is so much physical comedy and the slapfights remind me of my little brothers and when they do their "midget wresteling" it is hysterical
In terms of the movie i really love it and i own it
most times i watch the whole movie and then other times im not in the mood so i skip to the chris scenes
Him the mom and samantha are my favorite characters in the whole movie haha
"what ham..."
"what are you doing at joyces house"
OMG i can't get over how funny i think this is HAHA lol:lol:

#23 Re: Chris On Screen » Our tribute to Chris in Fanboys: The Fanboys Countdown » 26 Jan 07 :: 23:32

I think the one pushing it is probably sam huntington... maybe ... i don't know neutral
IU'm excited because this is a movie my bros will actually go see with me because we all love comedy and Star Wars.. they just don't love chris like i do

#24 Re: Chris On Screen » Nick Cassavetes' Going After Cacciato » 26 Jan 07 :: 23:30

I think that a war movie can be good or bad depending on the aspects that go into it
If it is well acted and focuses on some other things besides the fighting of the war than it can turn out really cool:cool: but if its all fighting and blood and stuff then boo:mad:
But this is cool that he might get to work with nick again because tjat is what he really wants to do
sooooo YAY lol

#25 Re: Chris On Screen » The Invisible » 26 Jan 07 :: 23:26

hey if they did wait to release them all at once you could have like a chris marathon weekend and just go and go and go cool

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