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Wasn't there something about how she felt upset that people were judging the quality of the writing because it was only one of the first drafts? I thought I read that the reviews of Midnight Sun were pissing her off as well.

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magicalturkey wrote:

I spent over 400 dollars on books for school yesterday and today.  And now I need to go get a 100 dollar calculator.  I really hope I get paid soon.  College isn't nice to my wallet sad

Yikes! I've had semesters where my bookstore bill was insane as well.

I needed one of those expensive calculators in high school -- which math are you taking that requires one?

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Sisterdebmac wrote:

Brenna, I really wish you'd checked the MB or asked us about it.  I would have loved for you to get a chance to see it.  I probably could've even put you in touch with Kyle to make sure you got in.

Sorry about that. I had a few friends here from out of town in the middle of July and we all took off to California on the 19th to vacation a bit before the Con. I didn't have much time to get on the Internet.

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TeeJay wrote:

Brenna, if you were at Comic Con, did you see the Fanboys screening? I guess not, otherwise you would have probably posted about it, right?

Nope sad I had no idea where or when it was taking place, as it wasn't printed in the schedule. I had heard rumors that it would screen, but I have no idea how people figure out when it happens. I did have a conversation with a girl in the line for a Robot Chicken signing who told me that she had won some sort of drawing that got her a ticket to the Pineapple Express screening. So maybe that's how they do it?

It was our first year there, so we were figuring out how everything works. There's a ton of stuff to see and you have to accept that you can't do it all. People line up hours before panels and signings, so I'm sure it's the same deal with film screenings.

I did get to see some cool people, though. And in front row, no less. I put some pictures up over at my Flickr account if anyone's interested: http://flickr.com/photos/heyybrother/. I'm for sure going back next year.

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magicalturkey wrote:

I was never really into Harry Potter, I read the first few books and saw the first four movies but I was in an unpopular part of the fanbase (Harry/Hermione) and when we got attacked, I gave up on the series because I didn't see the point in continuing to read it if I was gonna be ridiculed for the way I viewed a certain relationship.

Ugh, that's ridiculous. My intense love for Harry Potter died a little bit after I was fifteen or so, so I was never really around to get swept up in the 'ships of Harry/Hermione or Ron/Hermione. I don't get why fans attack other fans for having different perspectives of a story, regardless of whether it's canon or whatever. I think they're seriously missing the point of being a fan.

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Sisterdebmac wrote:

So what will the moms do?  Pretend to drop the kids off and then sneak into the back row of the theater to watch too?

Hah, that wouldn't surprise me.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not an anti-Twilight person. I'll definitely be one of the people who goes to see it in theaters. I just don't plan on lining up for the midnight showing. I'm as curious as any other person to see Hardwick's adaptation.

And while age may have nothing to do with why I can't find reason to go ga-ga over Twilight, I did spend a great deal of my fangirl energy on Harry Potter when I was a preteen. I had bedsheets. Yeah that's right, I said it. Bedsheets. Plus, I think at least half of my t-shirts said Gryffindor on them. So I'd be shocked if anything ever elicits that kind of reaction from me again, hahaha.

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Hahaha, I'm all about overexcited geeks, so no worries. I mean, hell, I completely freaked out (no tears, or anything, but still) when I came within six feet of Seth Green. I just know that the Twilight fans are known for being rabid, so pissing them off seemed like it could be fun. Like I said, it was not a mature moment for me, lol.

It was really surprising to me how long the line was. Especially since it was my first trip to Comic-Con. I had no idea how early you had to line up for certain panels to get in. I learned quickly though, and was one of the people sitting outside of the convention center at four in the morning to see Joss Whedon. But nothing beat the Twilight line. We followed it for awhile out of curiosity and it stretched for miles around the entire center. I think our exact words were, "Holy fuck! Does this thing end?!?"

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For me, the first book was the most enjoyable. It only took me a couple of hours to finish it, especially since 60% of the story is a description of how beautiful Edward is). I didn't put it down feeling like my life had been changed. I definitely wouldn't consider myself much of a fan. I don't know, I could be a little too old for it. Apparently, though, there's a whole league of freaky fan mothers who prowl message boards and stuff, so perhaps there is no age limit to this fandom. But yeah, I found that the writing is mediocre, Bella is too wimpy, and Edward just pisses me off.

But I applaud any author who can find ways to make children enjoy reading. So um...yay Stephenie Meyer.

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You guys wouldn't believe the line I witnessed at Comic-Con for the Twilight panel. Tons and tons of teenage girls in "I <3 Edward" shirts. And since I was with two teenage boys and my maturity level was decreasing by the minute, I was plagued with the desire to yell out "Twilight sucks!" and see how long it took before one of them pounced on me.

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Also, that's possibly the most attractive birthday message I've had in a very long time. big_smile

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Thanks everyone! big_smile

20 years old - still stuck in a weird age limbo. Oy.

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I *think* the picture of Oldman is from "Leon".

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Yeah, Josh impressed the hell out of me in Mean Creek. Before I had only thought of him as the little chubby Nickelodeon boy whose voice was higher than mine. Olivia Thirlby is pretty freakin' talented too, so I'm wicked excited to see this one. Chris would have been amazing in it, obviously, but I think Josh will definitely pull it off.

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For sure. Just looking at his resume lately pisses me off -- it seems like he's picking roles for the money and/or status rather than the actual screenplay. I mean, sure, given the opportunity, most people would jump at the chance to be in an Indiana Jones movie. But Transformers 2? Eagle Eye? Puh-lease!

I miss the days when he was less in the public eye and working mainly in independent film. He's really impressive in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints and Bobby. Hell, he was impressive in Holes. But now? He's still got the likable charm (for the most part), but I'm so, so sick of the reluctant hero characters he keeps portraying. He needs to try something new and preferably less lame. Oy.

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Michael is just so damn likable. Thanks for the link wink

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I love Shia, but the dude needs to stop pretending he's an action star. It's driving me insane.

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Most of my guilty pleasures are shows/movies I used to love as a kid. I can't help but buy movies like The Land Before Time and Fern Gully simply for the nostalgia I feel when I watch them again.

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I saw it in New York five times this past year. Completely. Utterly. Obsessed.


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Will do!

I'm so excited!!

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Hahaha, depends on the assignment, I suppose. tongue

But probably.

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Whoa! I'm going to the San Diego Comic-Con this year! yikes

I think this is cause for a celebratory dance.

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Jeeeez. If they do this right, they'll make a really good film out of this story.

Aaron Yoo is a really natural actor, in my opinion. I've seen him in a few other things aside from Disturbia and he always delivers a solid performance. And of course I have no doubt that Chris will completely own this role.

Oooh, I'm excited!

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I adore her.

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