#2 Re: Square Eyes » The Last House on the Left (remake) » 18 Oct 09 :: 10:09

haha. it is funn that you mentioned soemthing about that Deb, because I saw that with a friend and said he reminded me of Adam, well atleast apparel-wise. I wasnt a huge fan of the film although I really did like STC

#3 Re: Off Topic Stuff » Randomness » 18 Oct 09 :: 10:06

thanks so much. his name is Brian, just thought this info would end up somewhat Chris related. seems how I am getting him into some Chris movies. haha

#5 Re: Square Eyes » FlashForward » 17 Oct 09 :: 21:44

I was so confused when I saw this title. I have not heard of the show, but I used to watch a show when I was younger of the same title with Ben Foster in it haha

#6 Re: Off Topic Stuff » Randomness » 17 Oct 09 :: 21:40

idk if this fits into the total randomess cataegory, BUT I wanted to share with my lovely fellow Chris fans that I am engaged =]

#7 Re: Chris On Screen » Fanboys » 17 Oct 09 :: 21:38

well I have yet to see what it on the American DVD, idk if it was covered or not, but I'm getting it in 2 weeks as an anniversary present. silly I know, but hey it works.

#8 Re: Chris On Screen » Infestation (SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE BEGIN ON PAGE 15) » 17 Oct 09 :: 21:35

So I completey forgot about this movie, on account of the fact that I have been away from the site for so very long, but I did happen to stumble across it at my local video store yesterday.

So what can I say?? It was rather silly at the start, but I got into it the more I watched it. I really enjoyed seeing Chris play like a main character, and the slight serious moment of Chris's water works was quite amazing

#9 Re: Chris On Screen » Fanboys » 26 Sep 09 :: 00:57

TheCentralScrutinizer wrote:

We missed you too Paige.  I'm sad that it's probably too late for you to get in on Chris's birthday present this year.  We're collecting cards/letters/gifts/whatever to fill up a custom mail bag to send to him.  If you still want to throw in a birthday card or something, you mighht still make it.  As long as you mail it like today.  Email me and I'll give you my home address if you want to participate. 

Glad you dug Fanboys!  smile

awe it sucks that i missed it this year =[

there is always next year though

#10 Re: Chris On Screen » Fanboys » 23 Sep 09 :: 08:30

So I have found my way back to you guys yet again. So I finally did up watching Fanboys. I can not deny that I absolutely loved it. Not sure if it was so much worth the wait and all. It was overall pretty good, even with Linus's fate. I MISSED YOU GUYS!!

#11 Re: Introduce Yourself » Hello » 08 May 09 :: 02:38

Hello again; i have been off for a very long time; and miss you all. I hope to get back to everything =] How has everything been?

#12 Re: All About Chris » How tall is Chris? » 08 May 09 :: 02:22

I am 5'4"
and think I will forever be unfortunately

#14 Re: Off Topic Stuff » Randomness » 08 Jun 08 :: 03:59

So I ventured away for a while, but I am back...hopefully to stay this time. Looks like I have missed alot of fun and exciting news. I will be catching up on all that in the next few days smile

#15 Re: Chris On Screen » Fanboys » 08 Jun 08 :: 03:55

wow that is really exciting. I had lsot all hope for Fanboys, but now I can't help but get hyped up about it again

#17 Re: Square Eyes » Holy Hell! No Way!!! » 23 Jan 08 :: 20:17

omg I am so upset I cried. I heard about it on the radio like a little while after it happened. I didnt believe them sad

#18 Re: Off Topic Stuff » Birthday Thread » 23 Jan 08 :: 20:15

those are some quite amazing pics. happy bleated b-day!!!!!!

#19 Re: Square Eyes » Post your recent DVD purchases » 23 Jan 08 :: 20:13

I love it. They play the heck out of that song in it too, but it is a good song smile

#21 Re: Square Eyes » Juno » 23 Jan 08 :: 20:06

yeah I was supposed to see it but did not sad so I suppose I will just have to wait

#22 Re: Off Topic Stuff » Randomness » 23 Jan 08 :: 20:05

hmm ok thanks. Im sure anything I read in the Fanboys thread will not come as a suprize

#23 Re: Fanart » Wallpapers » 22 Jan 08 :: 20:09

aww I love that one!

#24 Re: Square Eyes » Juno » 22 Jan 08 :: 20:07

aww it seems like a good movie too. Im a big fan of Michael Cera

#25 Re: Fanart » Mood signatures » 22 Jan 08 :: 20:06

aww i love the "could be better" one

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